Project Description

NuBio Sciences is a biotech company that sells pure high-quality hemp oil extracts. It took many consultation sessions and plenty of trial and error to craft a branded image for their first line of products. In the end we provided them with the packaging, marketing materials, and a matching website for their product lines.

The name and logo design came from using a comprehensive all-inclusive approach by mocking them up with the designs for the product label labels for the premium hemp based extracts. A few design combinations became the inspiration for the design elements used in the informational brochures, additional product labels, and a mobile-first responsive website built to help the communicate information about the business.

The product labels were designed with a cohesive brand identity and printed to specific requirements on material with a permanent adhesive that would withstand exposure to oil.

The website was built using our express sites process. A project summary was created to organize the information and to prioritize calls to action. A graphical mockup was then built to simulate and discuss the user experience and the buyer’s journey. After a few iterations and once a final was approved, we converted the design into responsive code and officially on the web. This process results in a professional, branded, and intuitive experience.