Project Description

Miami Gas came to us as a brand new company. They were starting from scratch and did not even have a logo.

We began by creating an in-depth style guide showing all of the possible products that they could brand to meet their needs. The guide included everything from their basic logo to business cards and even polo shirts for the team.

We made small adjustments to the style guide until it matched exactly with their vision for their business. Now that we had the style completed it was time to build their website. This included custom graphics and a quick responsive design setup to meet the needs of their customers.

After the website, we designed their business cards, multiple flyers, and a custom brochure to help them grow and promote their business.

The website was built using our express sites process. A project summary was created to organize the information and to prioritize calls to action. A graphical mockup was then built to simulate and discuss the user experience and the buyer’s journey. After a few iterations and once a final was approved, we converted the design into responsive code and officially on the web. This process results in a professional, branded, and intuitive experience.