Project Description

For The Kids Fundraiser is a beacon of hope in Orlando, Florida, created by a family-driven team committed to making extracurricular activities more accessible. This initiative shines through their coupon book for purchase, offering discounts at popular local businesses, directly benefiting families and supporting local commerce.

Our work focused on encapsulating this mission into a cohesive visual identity. The logo we designed, reflective of the fundraiser’s diverse support for children’s activities, sets the tone for the brand. Coupled with this, we crafted a brand design that speaks to the heart of community and family values.

The website we developed offers a seamless experience for users to learn about and engage with the fundraising program. It’s complemented by the carefully designed coupon books, which are central to the fundraiser’s success. Each design element, from the website to the coupon books, was thoughtfully created to highlight the fundraiser’s commitment to enriching children’s lives through varied activities.

In this collaboration, our goal was to deliver a design that is not only visually appealing but also deeply resonant with the fundraiser’s mission, ensuring that every child has the opportunity to explore their interests and talents.