Author - pzmaven

Strategy always comes first

Sometimes when discussing options to promote a business, owners and high level staff can get caught up in the details of what they can do. Either they can’t think of creative concepts, and spend time sulking about that, or they are very quick to bring up all the things they can do to promote their business, as if the this new flurry of ideas will save the company. For example they can: Print flyers, brochures, and business cards Create email campaigns Post on [...]


Messages tell more than just the message.

In marketing we are always creating messages. These messages embed meaning behind them always, wether intentional or not. When someone puts up a post with a quote on it. You can often gain insight from what is said. You can also gain some insight about the person that is posting it. Because the fact that they are posting it means that it bears some kind of significance to them.  For example, when someone posts a quote that reads: “You need the [...]


A Comprehensive Guide to Digital Marketing

Introduction Have you ever heard of any of these? Landing pages Facebook ads Influencer marketing Free Downloads Email list subscriptions Hashtags Videos Blogs Webinars Of course you have. You’re likely to have encountered some of these marketing tactics because today’s best companies use them. I noticed them all the time. I wanted to replicate the apparent success of the companies. Naturally I decided to try out some of these tactics. I made the mistake of thinking that because I had seen them, I understood them. These were just the tips [...]